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A Beginners Guide to Smart Home Technology

Guide to Smart Home Devices| BAZZ Smart Home

Automating your house can sound like a daunting, expensive task. But smart home devices like those made by BAZZ Smart Home can make your automation a breeze, help you to stay connected while on the go, and not break the bank. With so many products on the market today, how can you possibly know where to start? Our BAZZ tech experts have you covered with these helpful smart home tips to kickstart your automation.

What is a Smart Home?

If you've landed on this page, chances are you already know a bit about what a smart home is, but you may not understand the full scope of what exactly it can entail. According to the Department of Trade and Industry [1], the definition of a smart home is "a dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed." For a home to be 'smart,' it must have an internal network, have intelligent control, and deliver quality home automation that links to services or systems outside of the home. 

Connecting the tech in your home to your Wi-Fi network has several advantages. For one, it gives you the ability to manage everything in real-time, either from an app on your smartphone or tablet or through a voice-controlled smart speaker. 

How do Smart Home Devices Work?

The core of any connected home is broadband, which smart devices use to interact with you and each other, and if your broadband is the heart of your network, think of your smartphone as the brain. Connected devices come with apps that are then used to control them remotely, as long as you have Wi-Fi, of course! 

Getting your Smart Home to Communicate 

Some of the best smart home hubs are also the most likely way you begin to automate your home. While all BAZZ Smart Home products need no hub to function, they are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This allows you to integrate our products into any predetermined routines you may have or control them with your voice! To learn which of our devices are compatible with these hubs, shop our product pages.

Connect Smart Home Device with Alexa & Google Assistant

Building your Smart Home

Now that you know the basics, it's time to start building out your smart home. The best way to tackle this is to pick a home category that would ideally make your life easier. Are you always forgetting to turn off your lights? Do you have a new puppy at home you want to keep an eye on while you're at work? Would you love to be able to replace all your remote controls with your smartphone? All of these things can be addressed with the proper smart home device! 

Here are just a few of the most popular categories on the smart home market today.

Smart Home Light Bulbs

Investing in some smart light bulbs is one of the most popular first steps to creating a smart home ecosystem as it's a seamless way to control your home - and can make for some very cool routines. With smart lighting, your regular light bulbs are swapped out with smart bulbs, which fit into the existing sockets. 

Typically, an internet-connected hub is needed to connect all of the smart bulbs. Though with BAZZ Smart Home products, you need no hub and can remotely adjust the brightness in your home straight from your phone or tablet! This means you'll be able to establish automated lighting schedules around your lifestyle from anywhere. Get a wake-up call at 7 a.m. with your lights automatically turning on. Or at 9 p.m., make it lights out for the kids! 

There's so much you can do with smart lights besides turning them on or off. They give you the capability to set the mood in any room by dimming or changing the color of the lighting. All smart bulbs are LED, which means they last longer and draw less energy to function, saving you money on your electricity bill! 

Smart Light Bulb | BAZZ Smart Home

Smart Home Switches And Plugs

One of the most effortless ways to make your home smart is by investing in a smart plug. These allow you to can control small appliances without needing to be in the room — or the country!

Because the best smart plugs are both effortless and extremely affordable, anyone can get in on the convenience of smart home tech, enabling you to transform devices such as floor lamps and coffee makers into smart ones.

Smart Switch & Plug | BAZZ Smart Home

Smart Home Security Cameras

More than three in five Americans claim security is the top benefit of owning a smart home. And rightly so! Home security cameras allow you to keep your eye on what matters most. Depending on the type of camera, you can see and speak with visitors at your door, track activity in real-time or from stored clips, receive alerts of any movement within your home, and communicate with your family while you're away. 

BAZZ Smart Home monitoring gives families an option that was once only attainable by costly security companies. With our smart home Wi-Fi products, there are no expensive set-up fees or monthly system costs. 

Smart Home Camera | Bazz Smart Home

Smart Home Alarms

Smart home sensors will help you stay alert when emergency strikes. Not only are sensors prepared to warn you when there is movement in your home, but they also give you immediate alerts on your phone when flooding or fire strikes. When armed, smart home sensors will deter intruders through alarms and flashing lights. With our line of smart sensors, you will always receive a push notification through the BAZZ Smart Home App when issues arise.

Other Smart Home Devices You can Buy

Appliances, thermostats, doorbells, garage door controller, water shutter valve, smoke detectors, etc.

Smart Home Privacy Concerns

According to PC Magazine, 40% of smart home users are concerned that their devices are always watching or listening to what you're doing and saying. It's true - you are sharing data regarding your routine, with companies big or small. It's a pretty straightforward deal: in return for access to this information, you save time or money, get a convenient way to control your gadgets, and much more.

What the companies do with any data they collect very much depends on their policy on keeping your information anonymous, and their business model. For example, Amazon and Google make a profit from selling and advertising things, whereas Apple makes money by selling hardware.

Smart Home Glossary

        • 2.4 GHz

          • Wireless band commonly used by wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. It is a shorter frequency, but much faster and secure. Most smart home products need to be on a 2.4GHz band to function. 
        • Connected device

          • A device that can communicate with others via an Internet connection.
        • Home automation

          • Connects both hardware and software to control and manage devices, or electronic elements in the home or workspace to maximize convenience and productivity.
        • Hub

          • A device that can interact and send commands to smart devices that often looks like a small box that connects to your router. Luckily, with BAZZ Smart Home products, you don't need one to automate your home as all of our tech is hub free. 
        • Mobile app

          • A program designed to meet a set of specific needs. In the case of home automation, the mobile app gives you the power to control your smart home products from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. 
        • Network

          • A set of devices like smart switches or plugs that connect to your Wi-Fi so that they can transfer or distribute information. 
        • Smart device

          • Any object that can interact with other devices over an Internet connection.
        • Smart home

          • Any device that can interact with others over an Internet connection. 
        • Routine

          • A set of custom actions that can be executed automatically or at a given time by smart devices.
        • Scene

          •  A set of actions performed by smart devices at a given time.
        • Wi-Fi

          • The Wi-Fi generally refers to two things. It's used to connect wirelessly to the Internet via your tablet, phone, or laptop. It is also utilized as a means of communication between smart devices.
        • Wireless connection

          • Wireless access to the Internet


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