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3 Smart Home Energy Saving Gadgets You Need in 2020

Smart Home Energy Saving Gadgets | BAZZ Smart Home

'Smart home' and 'energy-saving' are two terms that go hand in hand. By automating your day to day with smart home technology, you almost guarantee to lower your energy usage, giving your home an environmentally-friendly boost. 

Specifically, at this cold time of year, energy bills are typically more expensive than usual, and you're no doubt searching for the latest modern conveniences to enhance your home. At BAZZ Smart Home, lowering your energy bill is just as important to us as swapping your menial tasks around the house with fun!  

Here are three smart home energy saving gadgets you need in 2020: 

1) Smart Lighting Bulbs 

How many times have you accidentally left your lights on while running out the door? We're sure it isn't just once.

When you consider this is just one bulb in your household, the savings can add up. And that's not all. The 'smart' features of the bulbs mean you can control them from anywhere with the touch of a button. Being able to manage your home lighting remotely ensures you aren't racking up an energy bill while you're away.

Best of all, BAZZ Smart Home light fixtures are LED and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. For 25,000 hours of usage, an LED bulb will cost you $30 to power, around $150 less than incandescent bulbs. 

2) Smart WiFi Plugs

A smart WiFi wall plug is a clever little device that can automate the devices already in your household. Once plugged into an outlet and connected to your WiFi network, you can remotely control whatever device is plugged into it - allowing you to turn on your coffee machine when you wake up in bed or even heat your dinner in the slow cooker during your commute from work. 

Think about equipping devices such as televisions, computers and gaming systems with their own smart plugs. By not constantly running all your devices and only using your most energy-draining devices when they are to be used, you lower the amount of energy you waste. Using WiFi Smart Plugs effectively can reduce your home's energy usage by 4.58% every year.

3) Smart Motion Sensor 

Installing smart motion sensors in your home makes flipping light switches on and off a thing of the past. Let motion detectors use your presence to turn on and off lighting when you enter and exit a room. 

This simple switch to your home can save you more than 35% on light bulb energy usage. What's even more impressive is their ability to double up as a security sensor that sirens an alarm when motion is detected while you're away from home. 

Lead a Greener, Low-Energy Life with BAZZ

At Bazz Smart Home, our smart products introduce low-energy habits to your home that lower your environmental impact, all while saving you money on your energy bills. From smart light bulbs and smart plugs to sensors and security cameras, browse our full catalog of products and make the switch to a lower-energy life today! 

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