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Starting off your journey to a smart, connected home can be a little daunting. You certainly aren’t the first to be overwhelmed by the number of smart home devices on the market.

Which device does your home need? How are they best used? Are they easy to set up? These are probably just some of the questions swirling around your head. 

The easy option might be to put off home automation until another time, but trust us, the whole process is far easier than you think. Once you see for yourself just how easy setting up is, you’ll be wondering why it ever took you so long to make the change. 

Ultimately, smart home technology is here to make your life easiersimplifying your home routine and taking away menial tasks, all whilst adding a splash of fun to your home. Doesn’t that sound like something you could use sooner rather than later? 

From smart light bulbs and smart plugs to sensors and security cameras, home starter kits link home systems in a single network to give you complete control. 

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Smart Home Starter Kit Setup

Making the switch to home automation is easy with a smart home starter kit. When you purchase your home devices as a kit, you save the stresses that can come from pairing devices from multiple companies. 

In essence, a starter kit guarantees that your smart home ecosystem will work cohesively. Not only that, most BAZZ Smart Home products are plug and play, meaning you will have routines and custom scenes set up in no time!

What Are Smart Home Kits & How Do They Work? 

A smart home can be a device or number of devices connected to the internet that allow control using a smartphone or automation. The devices and automation that make the home ‘smart’ are different for every individual.

Your priority might be to easily control your home’s lighting through your smartphone, while your neighbour might want protective motion sensors that trigger alarms when activated. Lighting, heating, home security, entertainment devices, useful appliances—it’s up to you what you include in your own connected home. Smart home starter kits ensure that your home works the way you want it to. 

Smart Home Security 

Give yourself peace of mind and full home control with a complete smart home security system. Smart home security devices include wireless indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and siren alarms.

Watch and record live HD video directly on your smart device, receive direct notifications when a movement is detected or when doors or windows are opened, and program automation to trigger a siren alarm. 

Smart Lighting and Switching

Forgotten to turn off the lights? Want to set the mood for a special occasion? Or a lighting sequence to match your morning routine? Smart lighting and switches give you the ultimate control over your home’s lighting, wherever you are in the world.

Control lighting, choose from millions of color and tones, add timers, and create personalized light routine through your smart device or with voice command with your home virtual assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant). 

Smart Home Sensors

Whether you want to ward off unwelcome visitors with motion sensors or protect yourself from what can be an unwelcome expense in water damage, there’s a smart home sensor for you. 

Motion sensors protect your most precious items by sending alerts, triggering a siren, or turning on lights when unexpected motion is detected in the covered area. Similarly, contact sensors fasten to your home’s entry points and send alerts when they have been opened without your knowledge. 

And if you want to avoid coming home to a drenched house, a water leak sensor sends you real-time notifications when the toilet, sink or washing machine has sprung a leak—warning you before the damage becomes costly. 

Benefits of Smart Home Kits

1) Lower That Energy Bill

Smart home devices not only protect your home, make your life more convenient, and home more fun, they also exponentially reduce your home’s energy consumption. Sustainable living and smart home devices go hand in hand. 

25% of the average utility bill is spent on lighting and simply by using automatic timers and motion detectors to turn off your lighting, you can save energy. Likewise, sensors can detect and minimize electricity, water, and gas waste.  

2) Keep an Eye on Things

Smart home security devices watch over your home 24/7. Keep your family safe and have peace of mind about your home’s security with smart home monitoring devices that you can access anywhere in the world. 

Whether you’re on a beach half the world away or want to check on your children upstairs, smart home security devices remotely monitor your home via live stream, receive notifications when motion is detected and trigger alarms manually or through automation. 

3) Entertain the Smart Way

Having high-quality smart lighting can revolutionize the way you entertain your guests. You’ll be amazed at how the right lighting can transform the mood and feel of a room. Add color and lighting sequences to a party or dimmed lighting for a movie night with your partner, find the lighting that matches the moment.

4) No Monthly Recurring Fee

Although the benefits that come with smart home kits might leave you feeling like you should be paying a recurring fee, once you’re set-up, there are absolutely no monthly costs or even an expensive set-up.

Most BAZZ Smart Home products are plug and play, meaning routines and custom scenes can be set up in no time! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Common Certifications for Smart Home?

  • CE: The CE marking is required for specific product groups that are manufactured and/or sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). 
  • UL: All US-made products that get power from the electrical outlet can apply for a UL certificate by passing safety tests performed in Occupational Safety and Health Administration certified testing laboratories.
  • FCC: Legally required for all products that radiate electromagnetic signals at the frequency range of 9 kHz or more. 

How Do Smart Sensors Work?

Smart sensors ultimately keep an eye on your home when you can’t. They examine the physical environment it is set up in and sends push notifications or performs automated sequences based on the function it fulfills. A smart sensor could be used to alert you of any motion detected in your home when you’re away or notify you of any water leaks in your home.

What Is a Smart Alarm?

A smart alarm is paired with other smart devices to automate ‘if this then that’ (IFTTT) scenarios where if, for example, motion is detected or a contact sensor is triggered, the alarm will siren. The difference between a smart alarm and a standard system is the amount of control you have and the updates you receive no matter where you are in the world.

What Features from Smart Home Kits are Essential?

What is essential for you will be different from the next person. If you want to increase your home’s protection, smart home security devices such as surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and siren alarms will be essential. But if you want to control your home’s lighting and appliances from your smartphone, smart bulbs, smart plugs and smart switches are the answer.