Keep your family safe and have peace of mind about your home’s security with Bazz Smart Home monitoring products. After you easily install our smart home security systems, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control your home, business, and other properties. All you need to do is set-up, link to your Wi-Fi and pair with your BAZZ Smart Home App. As long as there’s Wi-Fi, smart home monitoring is now a security solution you can obtain! BAZZ Smart Home monitoring gives families a viable option that was once only attainable by costly security companies. With our smart home Wi-Fi products, there are no expensive set-up fees or monthly system costs.

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  • Smart WiFi HD 720p Directional Camera
    Smart WiFi HD 720p Directional Camera
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Wi-Fi Security Cameras - Solutions For The Family

Whether you’re in another room, or on a beach halfway across the world, homeowners will be able to monitor their property and loved ones from anywhere by launching the BAZZ Smart Home App. You’ll be able to keep an eye on your children or pets throughout the day via our easy to install Wi-Fi security cameras and keep in touch through their two-way audio capabilities too. These family-friendly cameras can be moved around the house with ease, so you can keep an eye on what matters most. You could even keep tabs on dinner in the oven while you’re with your kids in another room!

Our Smart Home Monitoring features include:

  • Built-in Infrared

  • Two-Way Audio

  • Night Vision

  • 30 Frames Per Second

  • HD 720p & 1080p 

  • Motorized Remote Directional Vertical 120 deg. Horizontal 330 deg. camera (available only with our HD Motorized Camera )

BAZZ offers Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras along with easy-to-install Doorbell Cameras too.

Stay Alert 365 Days A Year With Smart Home Sensors

Bazz Smart Home sensors will help you stay alert when an emergency strikes. Not only are our sensors prepared to inform you when there is movement in your home, but they also give you immediate alerts on your phone when flooding or fire strikes.

When armed, BAZZ Smart Home sensors will deter intruders through alarms and flashing lights. You will always receive a push notification through the BAZZ Smart Home App when issues arise within your home. This product line includes:

  • Wi-Fi Motion sensor: Push notification when movement is detected.
  • Wi-Fi Flood sensor: Beeps and sends alert when a leak is detected.
  • Wi-Fi Siren alarm: Emits light and a 120 dB sound when the alarm is set-off.
  • Outdoor camera: HD 720p, night vision. Can be set on motion detection, two-way audio.
  • Door Bell: HD 720p, night vision. Can be set on motion detection, two-way audio.

Keep Your Home Safe With Just One App

Used in tandem with the Bazz Smart Home App, users have the power and comfort to stay in control of their home from wherever they are. Watch multiple feeds of your Wi-Fi security cameras, activate and disarm alarms, and use the two-way audio all from within the app. With BAZZ Smart Home monitoring devices, serious and reliable protection is now a viable option.