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What are the Benefits of Smart Home Security Devices?

Smart home security solutions have brought peace of mind to the average homeowner that was previously unavailable for purchase in your average store. Not only do they send immediate notifications to your smartphone, but 62% of Americans also claim home security is the top benefit of smart home products!  Still not convinced on the positives of automating your home security system, so your home is safe no matter where you are? Read on! 


Always Alert 

While you can still buy professionally installed security systems, the price of the package can vary greatly. There are also hidden costs that you may not even be aware of; did you know that some neighborhoods require homeowners to purchase a permit before installing a security system?  They might even charge you a fee if the police are dispatched based on a false alarm! Putting the control of your home in your hands, you can make the calls. 

Products like directional cameras can be a godsend for when you're away. They can be easily installed and moved around within your home so you can keep a close watch on what matters most. The BAZZ Smart Home Motorized Camera includes two-way audio, night vision, live streaming, push notifications, and even has the option to record on an SD card. You'll rest easy knowing that your security system won't be sleeping when you are! 

Improved Real-Time Security

Smart technology has changed the game and increased your options of what you can monitor within your home. 81% of buyers say they'd rather buy a home with smart home products already installed. Door and window sensors were once a pricey and time-consuming wiring process. But thanks to the advancements in smart tech, it's exactly the opposite! Many on the market are plug and play with the ability to be moved after installation. Our selection of sensors can be programmed for automated scenes with other Bazz Smart Home products. For example, if your door sensor is triggered, you can have your smart camera turn on to catch the intruder in the act! 

Remote Accessibility 

Forgot to arm your home? No problem! Unlike traditional security systems, smart home systems allow you to turn them off and on from wherever you are in the world! You can even schedule your devices to turn on its security capabilities at a specific time each day. A perfect feature for those with children who arrive home from school earlier than you! 

As it stands, the smart home security market within America is on track to surpass $100 billion by 2020. With affordable solutions like those provided by BAZZ Smart Home, you'll be able to equip your home with the latest and greatest advancements in security solutions! 

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