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5 Best locations to Place Your Smart Water Leak Sensor

A leaking Pipe - Smart Water Leak Sensor | BAZZ Smart Home

Coming home to discover a burst pipe or leaky appliance is an unwelcome surprise that can end up costing a household thousands of dollars in repairs. This nightmare is lived by 14,000 Americans who experience a water damage emergency at home or work every single day! 

You might think individual water leak cases are a tiny inconvenience, but over time they can escalate into devastating levels of waste and damage. Did you know that a single 1/8 inch crack in a pipe can spill 250 gallons of water in a day? 

Smart water leak sensor kits are the solution to the universal problem. By detecting leaks and notifying you as soon as they occur, you catch the leak early and prevent small problems from escalating into costly ones.

Benefits of Having a Leak Sensor at Home 

Cheaper repairs

Between 2013 and 2017, the average water claim was over $10,000, the second-largest insurance claim type. Stopping the leak before it develops frees your household of costly repairs while also protecting your most treasured items. 

Real-time alerts

Even if you’re halfway around the world, water leak sensors alert you of any possible leaks so that you can take the necessary action before it develops.


Water leaks and electrical appliances are a disaster waiting to happen. Dealing with the issue early on eliminates any hazardous safety concerns to you and your family. 

Places to locate your water leak sensor 

So, you’ve decided to make a worthwhile investment. Great news! But now you’re probably wondering where best to place your water leak sensors. Here are five of the most popular household locations: 

1) Basement

98% of basements are affected by water damage at some point, so, chances are, it’s going to happen in your household sooner or later. Flooding in the basement is a real issue, and a water leak sensor allows you to protect your home the moment flooding occurs.

2) Bathroom

The bathroom is equipped with so much plumbing - it’s a prime location for monitoring water leaks. We suggest tucking the sensor behind the toilet, under the sink, in a corner by the bathtub, or perhaps all of the above! 

3) Water Heaters

Placing your water leak sensor by a water heater is especially important if your household has an old water tank. Earlier models are susceptible to leakage at any time, so it’s incredibly important to cover your bases. 

4) Sinks

A leak in the pipes under the sink typically develops very slowly. This makes it extremely hard to detect and only becomes apparent when you notice dampness in the ceiling below. Having an alert sent to you as soon as moisture is detected means you can catch the problem early. 

5) Laundry Room

Older washing machines can break down at any time, and because of the sheer volume of water washing machines use, a sprung leak can cause flooding in a matter of minutes.

Ready to protect your home against costly leaks? Shop the BAZZ Smart Home Water Leak Sensor today.

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